Pop’s Tea Fail and Tidings from the Red Cross

Dear Bernieimg_0239

I always mean to ask if there is anything you want me to send you but forget. If there is anything in the food line that you need just let me know. Today the Van Dyke snapshot came but to tell you the truth I don’t see any whiskers. Of course it may be the result of an accident that befell it. When your father came in for lunch, I showed it to him & butter-fingers like he was, he let it fall kerplunk into his cup of tea. Of course that didnt help the picture any & then I had to wash the tea off it so the poor picture got the worst of the bargain.

The boys said you should have Pop scribble off a few lines of directions on how to use the straight razor. He says he probably will have to send you some on how to maneuver around your ears & so forth. But I guess by this time you should be pretty proficient in its use.

I don’t know if Theresa Bowers intended is in the 279th but Eleanor Kohlers is. Joe Kohler was suppose to go in the Navy Tuesday as to whether he went or not I dont know. He volunteered for the Navy some time ago but was rejected because there was something the matter some of his Dr’s thought it was hernia & others said no, so he went to Dr. Julian & he diagnosed it as something of which he had heard but had never seen. He advised an operation so Joe had the operation & now he has been accepted.

Ellen is going on fine. Pop thinks she is getting to look like Maggie. She may be but is much fairer in fact she is very, very fair her hair seems to reddish. The Red Cross sent you a pamphlet telling of their service to the service man. I’ll send it along one of these days maybe in this epistle if I dont forget it.

Aunt Catherine & Uncle Mike have been invited to Peggy DeDreuse’s wedding. So leave it to Aunt Catherine not to miss a wedding if she can at all help it. As a result she drafted Jerome to drive them down there. She figures she will get home some way or another by bus or train or maybe by hitch hike. I wouldn’t ask him to drive down in a million years but Aunt Catherine doesn’t mind asking Romie. He certainly should get the old sock when they sign off. As he is very nice to them. Did I tell you that Mrs. Nolan on Dubois Ave died, that Jimmy & Helen’s & Janet’s mother. I guess she died more than a month ago. Mrs. Flanagan died pretty suddenly too. Jimmy’s & John’s mother. Well now Bernard I don’t think of anything else to pass along so I’ll draw to a close for now but will write again in a few days. Good bye with love from everybody with lots from Pop & myself.


Letter from Red Cross


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