ML&Co. Decimated by Draft

Hi Digger, How's the Infantry? As you can see I'm now in the Anti-Aircraft-Artillery-Automatic Weapons-Semi-Mobile. That takes care of all the initials. We were all transferred from the Inf. To the AAA about 7 weeks ago. What a change from the Inf. Camp Edwards is right next to Otis Air Base and there are a lot … Continue reading ML&Co. Decimated by Draft


Will Merrill Lynch Survive the Draft?

Camp Edwards, 9/May/51 Hi P.F.C Digger, How's things "over there?" Things over here at Camp Edwards are being held under control by yours truly and Cpl. Al Senkow who arrived two weeks ago with the New York National Guard. He is in "D" battery in the 633rd AAA. That is a 90 mm outfit. He … Continue reading Will Merrill Lynch Survive the Draft?