Mr. Campbell Dies and Friends Migrate to Jersey

Dear Bernard:fullsizerender-5

Another Sunday is here. They sure come fast. It doesn’t seem as if one is rightly gone, when another one rolls around.

Mr. Campbell up on Forest Avenue next door to where Pat Milton used to live, died of a heart attack in bed the other morning. He went to the bathroom at 6:30 & when the wife went to call him at 7:30 for work he was dead.  He was Joe’s & Bills and Bibbies father. Also Peggy’s & Marys and an older girl named Alicia. Mary knows you. She said you used to be on the bus with her in the morning. She is a very tall girl with glasses. I imagine she would get on the bus at Clove Road or Elizabeth Street.

Our mission just finished & it certainly was well attended. Father McAuliffe said he never saw one so well attended. In fact they ran out of candles. I was in early & I got four, but Aunt Katie  & Anna & Elizabeth had none & a bit of other women got none.

Ronnie Engels is home this weekend. They drove up & got him but he’ll go home by train. I think it is pretty hard. Of course I guess Russian is hard. Are you learning any new languages or are near any one that speaks anything foreign. Peggy DeDreuse is getting married June 2. She is in Syracuse. Eileen is there too, but the mother & father & Carlton moved to Spring Lake in Jersey. It is farther out than Asbury. They sold their house in Syracuse & are supposed to have made 85,000 on it. They bought a big place out at Spring Lake – a sea side resort. They have I think 8 bedrooms. The house is three stories high with a bathroom on each floor. Peggy is renting to someone for the summer, to run as a rooming house. She is said to be making enough on the deal to pay all her expenses for the year. I don’t know just what that means probably her taxes, interest & heat. She & her sister-in-law have rented a bungalow for their own use

Poor Harry is always putting his foot in his mouth. His latest bundle is saying he contemplated firing Mac a year ago. The day after he said it, he said he didn’t mean it the way it was picked up. One of the commentator said he fit both feet in his mouth this time.

Frank hasn’t been called for induction & the way they have been lowering the draft quotas it doesn’t seem as if he will go in June. I guess they are trying to placate the people & try to cool them off after the MacArthur fiasco. Well dear Bernard I’ll sign off for now. Did you get any of the papers I sent you or the cartoons. You didn’t say if you did.

Goodbye for now with best love from all of us.



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