The Vicious Circle of Home Repair

Thurs 5/24/51

Dear Berniefullsizerender-8

By this time you’ve probably given me up as a lost cause. Frankly, I’ve meant to write but just haven’t gotten around to it.

Mom told me you’ve finally landed in rather a desolate place in Japan. Well thank goodness it is Japan anyway. I haven’t seen your letter as yet but next time I go up I must read it.

Of course, Mom told you Mark & Peggy now have a daughter. She’ll be 4 weeks old tomorrow. I only saw her once at the hospital because we didn’t want to go up the first week and since then we’ve had a mission. I think we may go to see them Saturday night because the Men’s mission will be ending this Sunday. Yes my husband is making it.

Did you know that Frankie is still going with Joan. In fact it looks quite serious. He goes out to see her 3 times a week. Charlie said he’d never go that far to see any girl. I don’t know, these Long Island girls must have something. First Michael, then John and now Frankie. What’s the matter with Staten Island girls?

Things are pretty much the same here. Maureen is getting friskier every day and Pat is getting more able for her. Pretty soon Maureen will be running from Pat.

We’re gradually getting the place fixed up. We’re finished the kitchen and also the kids room. That only leaves Charlie’s father’s room and the front porch to do, which we aren’t going to do until the fall. Of course, the garage still has to be finished and there are numerous things to be done in the yard. But sooner or later everything will be finished, or will it? I suppose by that time we can start all over. Oh well, it’s a vicious circle.

Charlie gets his vacation the last two weeks in June so we’ll probably go out to see Mike & Anne. Talking of them you should see what a monster Mark Bernard is. And does he eat, everything and anything, baked beans, ham sandwiches, potato salad, anything.

Well Bernie I know this isn’t much of a letter but at least it is one. I’ll write soon again.




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