Jasper Graduation Seating Woes

Dear Bernard

Tuesday we went up to Eddie’s graduation. It was supposedto be started at 3.30 P.M. We got up there before 3. Oclock & there was hardly a seat left. It was held in the open. We went down the centre aisle and saw a seat here & there. When we were half way down, Aunt Catherine saw two seats & she said we might as well take these, we won’t all get together anyhow.

I said to Marion, you go in there with Aunt Catherine, but she said it was too hot there as the sun was ______ down, so she came to the back with us. There were __ for seven seats in the back. Some fellow had them turned up, saving them for somebody. We weren’t too pleased but he said nothing.

There were two seats in front of us so I made Marion sit in one & Mrs. Barry wanted me to take the other but I got her to take it. A woman came along & when the seats turned over she asked the reason & the fellow that had turned them up said they were taken. She said “Well that’s too bad, but there are no reserved seats,” so she took one & took it back in the shade. He was mad & said in a pretty sarcastic tone, “Thanks alot.”

A man & his wife were sitting beside me where I was standing & they said to me there is a seat pointing to a seat beside them that had a program on it. I said it must be taken since there is a program on it. They said no. Someone had left that there & went away so I took it.

After a while Eddie came around to see us before he went on the stage. Marilyn asked him if there were any seats & told him about the fellow holding all those. He looked around & asked another fellow if there were any seats & the fellow said there were some over to the right. So Eddie went over to get me. I asked him to get another in case the ones that had none came. He got another & I held it closed. After a while, Marilyn said there’s Frank. I said who, she said Frank. I looked up and there was Frank & Joan. I called them & they came back & Joan took the chair so we were all seated except Frank. Pop had gone in besides Aunt Catherine & nearly baked in the sun. It was cool where we were.

After a while Marion said there is a boy friend of yours there. I said where & she said back there. It was Michael Marky. Was going to try to go too, but didn’t.

Eddie had Barry’s car & drove us all up. It was a beautiful ride.

Monsignor Farrell was there & helping out. The Cardinal gave out the diplomas. The whole thing took a long time. It started by 3.30 or before that & it was after six before it was over. A man the name of Fitzgerald, a lawyer, was given some sort of decoration. a gold medal or something. He was graduate 60 years ago. Archbishop Mitti of California was given a medal too but he couldn’t be there, so they said they would give the decoration to his brother for delivery. [Editor’s Note: Archbishop John Joseph Mitty, Archdiocese of San Francisco, 1935-1961.] His name was Bishop Donoghue & they said he was diamond anniversary & one year so he must have been graduated years ago. He was quite spry & lively, the lawyer Fitzgerald was pretty ___. Quite a few got honorary degrees & a lot of Brothers & Sisters were given degrees.

There were 100 graduates. I’ll send you the paper about it later.

Jimmy Kelly & the boys didn’t get him yet but they should get home pretty soon now. Hannah has been looking for Jimmy sometime now. Richard Southiman [?] was supposed to go to the Arctic & Frank said that Bobbie Hammerton [?] was supposed to go to Greenland too.

I saw Bob Conroy home last week, or did I tell you about it. Marion picked me up a book to teach harmonica playing. They are scarce & by right you should know the kind of harmonica it is, so as to get the right book anyhow. I’ll send it along. How much you’ll learn from it I don’t know but perhaps it will teach you plenty.

Well dear Bernard I’ll say goodbye for now, from us all.



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