Mr. Killeen Hooks Up Eddie For Graduation

Dear Bernardfullsizerender-12

We received your letters with the Divisions paper enclosed. It is an interesting little paper. Did I tell you that Mrs. Buck died. She died down in Jersey. Rita (Buddy Wood’s mother) sold her house here & moved to Jersey. Near Asbury Park. Some time ago Mrs. Buck fell & broke her arm & so Rita took her down to Jersey with her. Maura’s mother (Michael P’s mother in law) died the other day & was buried yesterday. She had been sick for years & she had several strokes.

A couple of days has elapsed since the above was written. Today, I sent you two bundles of papers but forgot to send the Catholic News. What do you think of Jerry Lumys stage debut. I have been sending them along. I thought you might get a kick out of them. Jerry is some cowboy alright.

Uncle Tom is feeling better, looks better too. His pension will start July 18th. Didn’t I tell you about him been awarded a pension of $1144 a year, so he has nothing to worry about. At least so far as finances are concerned.

Frankie had a letter from Billy Marino today & he said Mrs Marino told him you were in Korea. Tomorrow, Eddie graduates. Pop & myself are going. Eddie is taking Barry’s car & will drive us all up. It should be a nice drive. He bought a new suit in Bloomingdales on Friday. He thought that by going to Charlie Killeen he would get it right away. So when he went up he asked for Mr. Killeen & the one he asked Do you know Mr. Killeen? Eddie said yes, he’s my cousin. So Mr. Killeen was brought on to the scene. I said what did you say Charlie Killeen is Mr. Killeen. He said Mr. Killeen of course. & then it was Mr. Killeen all over the place. He said it was a good thing he went to Charlie as he saw the signs up around saying that suits bought now wouldn’t be ready until the 25th or 26th. However, he picked up his today. It is a very nice suit navy blue 2 button single breasted. It looks something like that navy blue of Pops but it’s not as heavy as Pops. He put up $50 for it. Which isn’t bad at all.

Jimmy Kitty or Dinny Cregan or Bill Conroy haven’t been home since them went away. Bob Conroy is home now. I saw him drive in Port Richmond Friday night. I thought it was Bill until Frank said it was Bob. Red Lilienthal was home, or so someone said. Mr. Lilienthal is around here again. Frank said he works a bartender in the Log Cabin over the weekend. He was supposed to have some kind of a joint in Boston.

There is a bit of peaches in the trees this year, just how much will stay on them is another thing. The little cherry tree we planted in the back yard near Burchers fence last year was a mass of blossoms in the Spring. Al was surprised at it. He wanted to know what kind it was. He never saw so much on such a small tree. He was always raving over it. There came a bit of cherries on it but I picked them all except about a doz. Now they are ripe & real nice. In a couple of years it should be real good.

Mrs. Snedeker sent me over some roses Saturday. There was one that you would think was made with velvet. I saw her out today on her knees in the garden & it must be pretty damp as it was pouring rain, cold for yesterday. Well so (unintelligible) best love from us all. Mom


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