Passive-Aggressive Wedding Attendance

Dear Berniefullsizerender-15

Yesterday I received your letter with that poem in it. It is a similar to the one the marines had the last war.

Saturday we went to Peggy DeDreuse wedding at Spring Lake in Jersey. It is quite some further out that Asbury Park. What a ritzy place it is & what a house the DeDreuse have. Peggy sold the house they had up in Syracuse & is said to have $5,000 clear in it. She may be off on some things but not on business. She has been away two or three times, but she seems to be fine now. But oh so then, she is like a bean pole

I think the shock of Fr.Codd’s death plus the shock of a couple of very serious operations & post operative care is what sent her off first.

Aunt Catherine & Uncle Mike were invited too & of course Aunt Catherine likes to go to things like that when she can, so she asked Jerome to drive them down there, she said she would get home someway. We went with them too. Catherine & Eddie came along & they took a picnic lunch with them & drove around the shore to different places for the day & then picked us up in the evening & took us home again. We never ran into any traffic on the way home until we came to Richmond Avenue not by the auction. Now somebody has opened another auction place across Richmond Ave from the original one & the people were passing back & forth from one to the other, as a result there was an awful traffic jam start & stop, start & stop was the way for quite a distance. There were two policemen then directing traffic but it didn’t do much good.

One morning almost a week before the wedding I was coming home from church with Aunt Catherine & Aunt Katie & the talk came around to the wedding & I said that Pop said he wouldn’t go. Later in the day I met Aunt Catherine & she said, “You said that you don’t think Mark will go to the wedding & Michael told me, he had been talking to Mark & he said that you had been invited & that you were going & Catherine told me you were going with the humans so evidently you must have made arrangements.” I said we made no arrangements but Helen said that if we were going we could go with Anna. She said if Michael thinks that Mark is going he won’t go & I want to go. Well I said if he doesn’t want to go I can’t make him. Then she said the way I look at it, Mrs. DeDreuse has been sick so much, they may not have have much friends anymore & besides it was nice of them to invite us & even Jerome thinks it is very nice of them to invite us. So I told your father & he consented to go. We really had a nice time.

What a house they have, they have four rooms on the first floor & four bedrooms & two baths on the second & 3 bedrooms & bath on he third. They also have a bathroom on the first floor which they just put in, made over from a pantry. The rooms are all ver large & the bathrooms are large enough for bedrooms, the cellar is about 8 ft high & big enough for a ballroom & they have a big front & side porch if they were having built today it would cost at least $60,000 or $70,000. I said I should have it years ago when I was raising the gang. I could give everybody or nearly everyone his or her own room. It is a beautiful house without a doubt & closet room is immense. I would love to have a house like that but wouldn’t want to have the job of keeping it clean.

Frank is still trekking out to Long Island every weekend. I tell him if he doesn’t go soon, he will be getting married before he goes. Well dear Bernie I’m getting pretty sleep in fact I can’t keep my eyes open so goodby with best love from us all.



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