Bartly is Fine but Tommy Just Won’t Study

Dear Bernardfullsizerender-10

Everything goes on as usual here, no changes. Eddie has been taking his finals last week & this week his last one is on tomorrow & tomorrow night they have the prom. Graduation will be held the afternoon of the 12th. I don’t when St. Peters will close. Bartly has been doing fine but Tommy has wasted all this year. Of course he has sufficient credits to graduate so I guess he doesn’t are. I have talked to him until I’m black in the face but it does no good he just won’t study.

Marky had to work Saturday & Sunday so when he was leaving Sunday he has his lunch in a bag as on Sunday they can’t go out to eat so he has to bring something or go hungry. He went to say goodbye to the third. He said goodbye now Mark, Daddy has to go to work. He kissed him & wave to him & then went away that was alright. Later on when Peggy was in the living room with the baby, Mark went out in the kitchen picked up a bag someplace & put the diaper that he carries around when he sucks his finger & put it & a few blocks in the bag & then went in to kiss Peggy & went out the gate at the top of the stairs & wave to her. He was off to work too. So since then he goes to work or at least starts to go regularly. He is getting over his babishness very fast.

Joe Kohler didn’t go in the Navy after all. He was told they might call him in three months or six months or maybe a year. He feels pretty badly about it or so I have heard. Uncle Tom goes around the yard & out on the porch pretty well now sometimes he goes out for a ride with Helen in the jalopy. Joe OConnor graduates this year too. Of course he has been in the naval reserve & that makes him subject to recall when he graduates but I think he has managed some deal & is going into naval research down in Washington. I don’t know how the pay runs or how long he has to stay there.

I forgot to thank you for your mothers day card. I got it the day before mothers day. It was quite a surprise & very nice thank you ver much for it.

Billy Newman (Charlies brother) joined the navy a while ago. He is in Rhode Island, he is going to machinists school for about 14 weeks I think. Just now he is home for the next two weeks. Peggy (that’s his sister) was going to have the whole family for turkey dinner today & this day two weeks Anna is going to have them all for dinner. That makes it easy for Mrs. Newman.

Last week the Supreme Court ruled that any store that didn’t have signed the Fair Trade Agreement with the manufacturers weren’t bound by the Fair Trade Act so the next day or two Macys announced a 6 per cent cut on thousands of articles & Gimbles followed suit & then Bloomingdales. In one day toasters dropped $13 & mixers dropped $15. It went so far that the people were told to disregard price tags that whatever they saw it priced for in the other store was the price they had to pay.

I saw by todays paper when a couple of shoppers went into Macy’s or Gimbles & armed with a red pencils began to mark their own prices on items they had picked out. When the store detectives saw them they got the heave ho. Gabriel Heater the other night spoke in his own special fashion that the big war is on in New York started by Gen Macy & then taken up by Gen Gimbel & then of course Gen Bloomingdale joined the field, he raved on & on. The stores all over the country are joining in now. The most things affected are electrical equipment. Well dear Bernie I think I have exhausted my bag of news so. So long for now with love from us all.


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