The New Church and Diaper Shaming

Dear Bernardfullsizerender-7

We have just finished Sunday dinner & the men are going to the mission pretty soon. Just now it is raining pretty heary I hope it stops soon. Otherwise it will cut the mission attendance & consequently by the mazuma for Fr. McAulliffe.

The sketch of the new church is hanging in the vestibule. It looks nice. It is pretty low at least it seems so. Just about one story & the pitched roof. It seems to have a belfry on the side next to the Greenleaf it will be placed up where the pear trees & garage is & have a covered entrance from the rectory. I guess it will be something like the hallway between the church & rectory now. The garage will be moved down the back some place. Some don’t like the idea of no basement & others don’t know about. Mrs Mac doesn’t like it & she doesn’t like the church been up there. It will hide the shrine by the school. She thinks it should be down on the corner of Greenleaf & Forest, where Fr. Heaney intended to put it. That would give an entrance on two streets. Which probably would be better, but then it would be too far away from the rectory so I guess you cant please everybody.

Friday I took a trip out to Michaels & I tell you Mark Bernard is some boy. He’s no baby. Ask him are you a baby & you are answered with an emphatic, No. It seems a shame that he has the head of hair he has. Its Pat that should have it. His hair is pure white & from the fron of his head to the back of his neck it is a mass of ringlets as close & as tightly curled as if they were set. It is really beautiful. Anne says when she takes him out everybody they pass comments on his curls & also on Betty Anns hair. Hers is a golden yellow & quite wavy. They are two lovely children. They should be to there where there is a yard to run around in. Mark B is a bit too energetic to be cooped up in three rooms.

Enough on that, the next thing in the agenda is how are the eats. Do you get any or much meat or if you do, how is the quality & the cooking. Marky finished his vacation last Monday. He probably was glad to go back as it was rather a busy vacation with all his housework. Now of course he has to wash diapers for two, something I never had to do. One was always trained before the other came. Well dear Bernie Au Revoir for now write soon & tell me about the eats & if you want anything. Goodby with love.



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