ML&Co. Decimated by Draft

Hi Digger,fullsizerender-4

How’s the Infantry? As you can see I’m now in the Anti-Aircraft-Artillery-Automatic Weapons-Semi-Mobile. That takes care of all the initials. We were all transferred from the Inf. To the AAA about 7 weeks ago. What a change from the Inf. Camp Edwards is right next to Otis Air Base and there are a lot of jets flying over all the time.

We had a big parade for Armed Forces Day and we figure that they brought us up here to show the AAA boys how to march. So now that the parade is over we’ll probably be sent back to Inf. Ho-Ho thats rich!

Well son since I’ve been in had about 5 weekend passes. So Staten Island has seen me and greeted me with a brass band all 5 times. The old ferry still makes it in 95 minutes. When all the Secret Heart parishioners see me at the 11 o’clock mass, they all say, “Look that racketeer McLaughlin is home again.”

I’m still with a few Staten Islanders from the 278th – Lou Beliveau Vinnie Meli & Ronnie Nordenholdt of Curtis fame – George Dickman – Charlie Falker and Neil Mazzuki. Maybe you know some of them.

I hear Snooky is still struggling to get on the 9:15. Yukon is at Great Lakes. Don Roberts expects to be called for the cops in a few months. Dot Dante has left ML&Co. to raise little Zickles. Al Senkow’s N.G. outfit has been called up. As you know he is in a Triple A outfit too. So maybe I’ll see him in my travels. Otherwise, Bernie, I guess ML&Co. is operating as usual without us, but not as efficient of course.

Well Son I guess I’ll sign off before lights out because I’m out of luminous ink. So take care of yourself and I’ll be seeing you soon.

Bill McL


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