NY Priest: “Japan More Irish than Ireland”

Dear Bernie,fullsizerender-3

From your description of the mail service I’m sure you will get this letter as you are being “quituated” from the Army. However, I feel constrained to read it anyway.

Honorable Father really pleased with the description of Occidentalis [something in latin, looks like “operd” or “aperd”] Orientales. Strange, but did I get the impression that you almost seem to like the service? I hope you make the most of U.S.’s generosity in sending his nephew to broaden his education by foeign travel.

According to the priests in the Propagation of the Faith Japan stands a good chance of becoming the Ireland of the Orient. It is a land of gentlemen and scholars and when they take a little more of the Faith they will be ready to out-Patrick St. Patrick.

I’d interested to learn whatever impression you may get of the spread of the Church in Mikadoland.

Life still swirls its magnificent pace around us. Will write about it when we have time. Keep slugging boy.

Best wishes & prayers.

Father Donachie


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