Mark B v. Mark 3 (The Little Monster)

Dear Berniefullsizerender-2

Things are moving the same as usual here, nothing new or strange. Michael & Anne came down Sunday with the children. Mark Bernard is quite a boy. He’s no baby. Can roll & tumble around with the best of them. You should see him eat. Peggy still gives Mark strained baby food, but Mark B has graduated from that months ago. Now he eats everything. He knelt on the stool in front of the table & eat ham sandwiches, frank & beans, gelatine & everything else he could reach. He eat by himself. Eat the sandwiches as good as anyone. He was stuffing the meet into his mouth with his hands & pushing it down his throat. You’d have to laugh at him, & he is well able to hold his own in play as anything else that came along. I don’t know if he is so much taller than the little monster but he is a lot heartier & grown-up. & He was very good here. And said he is terribly fresh but he was wonderful here & only said, no, once.

Jackie made his first communion yesterday. He looked very good. Johnnie didn’t go up to the church to see him. They had about 160 children make it.

Anthony Venturella & four or five other lads took the entrance exam for St. Patrick’s Cathedral & passed OK. One of the others was that Italian kid with the glasses. His name is Galucci. Of course whether or not they will be priests is another thing. The Bauer girl heard from her boyfriend in Japan already. He said they are split up in bunches of about 6,000.

I don’t know what he does in the Army. I think they call him Jerry. I don’t know his last name. Do you know Eleanor Kohlers boyfriend. I told you about him a couple of weeks ago. Gave you all the information I had on him, which I have forgotten now. Eddie has only about ten days more of school & then his exams, so he won’t find until he graduates.

The weather here is keeping quite cool. We haven’t any of the screens up, but they are pretty nearly all painted. Hoped to get them finished this week. Well dear Bernie I don’t seem to have any news so I say goodbye with the best love from us all, with lots from Pop & myself.



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