Will Merrill Lynch Survive the Draft?

Camp Edwards,


Hi P.F.C Digger,fullsizerender-10

How’s things “over there?” Things over here at Camp Edwards are being held under control by yours truly and Cpl. Al Senkow who arrived two weeks ago with the New York National Guard. He is in “D” battery in the 633rd AAA. That is a 90 mm outfit. He is trying for Cadre school and another stripe. Even though he is only about 1/2 mile from me I have only seen him once. I am supposed to give him your address but I haven’t as yet. But I will.

Our battalion is in the process of intra-battalion and inter Battalion moving. I guess you know how fouled up we are. I was scheduled to move to the 685th and then to “D” Bat, but now they decided I was too valuable a prospect to let go so I’m staying. Incedently please do not put E-1 on my address, I’ll have you know I’ll be E-2 on July 5. So there.

Now for the latest M.L.&Co. scuttlebut. First of all Snooky has left and is working in the same building as her sister Pat. Don R. will probably leave shortly and as old J.G. is slowly transferred to the Fe-Mail Dept. There is only one boy left in the Dept. other than D.J.R. I think it is Catherine Cantwell’s brother. I think I told you that Dot Dente has left to raise little Zickles Joan Romano has left after a tift with Ruth Ogg. They don’t know which is worse off the Mail Dept. or the Steno Dept. I also think I told you about Ray W. becoming a Sgt. I haven’t heard from Yukon in quite a while. I guess I owe him a letter.

Right now I am on C.2. (change of quarters) and I feel like I’m on the reception desk at old M.L.&Co. What’s this I hear about my getting passes every weekend. I seem to draw K.P. – guard or some other detail almost every weekend. Can you imagine that?

Well Boinie I’ll  be signing off for a while. I’ll get Al to write you also. So long for now and I’ll be seeing you soon.



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