Ellen and The Little Monster

Dear Bernardfullsizerender

Yesterday I received two letters from you. One of them had the souvenir that you got at the mass on board of ship. Peggy called the baby Ellen after her mother. She was undecided about it but she finally decided to do it.

Uncle Mike is fine now. Goes around every place as good as ever. Eddie is trying to fit the refrigerator. I don’t know whether he will succeed or not. I hope he does though. This is Ascension Thursday & it is really nice. I am writing this out on the back steps & it is very warm there.

Another day has passed since I wrote the above. This morning I went up to 237 Harvest to watch the little monster whilst Marky went to the hospital to fetch Peggy home. Mark 3rd is convalescing from a slight cold. He is a scream. Can spit to perfection. Screws up the mouth & spits between two teeth. When Peggy came home I remarked how well he could spit & she said don’t say it in front of him he knows the word. Mark demonstrated his ability for her too. So she was horrified. Told him what a naughty boy he was. But I don’t think Mark was too much impressed. She said he is really terrible. Over at the zoo he goes around spitting  all over & it is mortifying. Of course I agree with her there, but it is really funny to see him do it. With the devilish look in his eyes.

The baby is very cute, looks like the Codds I think. Is very fair skinned, even fairer than the third.

My old refrigerator is running swell since Eddie fitted it yesterday it hums again. Lately I have had to go down to the A&P  on Saturday to buy my meat as I couldn’t keep from Thursday without the Frigidaire

The lilacs are in full bloom now & they really are pretty & smell so nice. I fetch some up to Peggy’s this morning when I was going up there. I can smell them here on the steps from the back fence. & it is a beautiful smell.

Ronnie Engels went to Syracuse University. They are just studying Russian. He has an awful lot of free time without any surveillance which isn’t too good for a young fellow like him. Of course he is pretty quiet anyway so in his case it is okay I guess. Well dear Bernie I will draw to a close as I can’t think of anything else to write about. So, so long & God we with you. With love from us all.



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