Peggy Has a Baby Girl, Not Named Michele

Dear Bernardfullsizerender-18

I guess by the time this reaches you Japan will be a fact. You should be there pretty soon, if not by now. Peggy had her baby on Friday, 12:13 AM to be exact got to the hospital around 11:45 Thursday, so didn’t have much time to get acquainted down there. But contrary to her hopes & expectations it wasn’t a Michael instead it was Michele. Some of them said she was considering naming her Michele but Mark doesn’t care too much for the French sound. Doesn’t go too good with Codd. I guess Charlie will tease her when he sees her, as he was teasing her all along that it would be a girl.

She weighed in at 6 lbs. 10 oz. & is 18 inches tall that is very short so far I haven’t seen the baby but Peggy is wonderful. Of course she would be feeling good, as she certainly got plenty of exercise. Walked all over every day up to and including Thursday.

Did I tell you that Mrs. Julian (Dr.’s wife) had a baby girl stillborn last Sunday evening. It is very hard on them as they have been married so long without children. He is said have taken it worse than the wife did.

Marion finally got the picture back from the developers. The ones taken at Christmas & the ones at Easter. They are very good she should have them here Friday evening.

We finally finish putting the Congowall in the kitchen it looks very nice. We have to put in a few pieces of baseboard. I bought the rubber baseboard.  We have to put on a floor piece. I’m writing this down in Catherines so don’t mind these mistakes as the kids are making noise and I’m talking to Catherine & trying to write at the same time.

It between the beginning of the letter & this I went to the hospital to see Peggy & the baby. The baby is lovely. Very fair & light haired. She doesn’t know what she will call it yet.

Uncle Tom is pretty much the same. Goes out on the front porch now. We got the booklet about Panama & the bunch of picture cards from there. They are very nice. Marky & Peggy got the booklet too. Well dear Bernie I’ll say goodbye for now & I’ll write in a few days again with the help of God. Goodbye with love from all of us. With lots from myself.



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