MacArthur’s Ticker Tape Parade

fullsizerender-17Dear Bernie

What books did you want me to subscribe to for you. Also what is your correct address. The one you put on my letters, or the one the Gov’t sent me.

McArthurs dismissal certainly has the country fighting mad. From one end to the other. I went down to Elizabeths to watch his reception in Washington & also the one in New York & you couldn’t imagine the way acted they almost adored him. In New York the ticker tape & paper were like a  terrific blizzard in some places they were unable to take television pictures the cameras were obscured by the papers. The streets looked like a heavy snowstorm had fallen & the trees were covered as with snow. I will send you papers.

When the president attended the Washington ballgame to throw out the first ball, he as cheered a little & then booed they had to play the drums to drown out the boos. At the end of the game when the announcer asked if the people to stay in their seats until the president. had left the field, the boos were loud & vociferous. They don’t know whether it was the announcement was booed or the president. They said it was the first time in 20 yrs this had happened. It’s pretty bad when the president of the U.S. is booed in his own capital.

Last night I picked up your picture and it is pretty good for your picture as you never take a good one. Yesterday Eleanor Kohler told me that her boyfriend is in the 45th. He is a cook in Co. K 279 Inf. His name is Pat Lanza. The Bauer girls boyfriend is in it too but I don’t know his name or what he does. They both heard from them from San Francisco & also the Canal zone.

Catherine & Jerome & Eddie went up to New York to see McArthur’s parade. I didn’t think she should go but she went & said she was so glad she went, wouldn’t want to miss it for anything. Marion was going to Catherine’s to see it on TV but thought maybe they won’t be home so went to the city too & came across the Breens so was glad she didn’t go to their house. The weather here is really keeping cold but it should get nice pretty soon. This morning was very raw. The women had their fur coats on & weren’t too warm.

Well dear Bernie I’ll say goodbye for now with best love from us all. We are all praying for you, so don’t worry.



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