A letter from Frank

Dear Bernie,fullsizerender-16

Well, I finally got around to sitting down and scribbling off a few lines to you. There isn’t too much I can tell you because not much has happened since you left.

First of all, in reply (excuse, please) reply to the questions you put forth in your letter, the St. Thomas More Club is not doing too well and I am no longer chief. We have the usual group at the meetings plus a few more friends of Jim Blessin. We are accomplishing just about nothing, which was witnessed by the barn dance the club held last Friday night. Total attendance was approximately 30, so you can imagine how we were cramped for dancing room. Out of this attendance about 8 were strangers to me. Two of the dancers were girls who wandered in thinking it was going to be a real dance. I guess they had a terrific letdown. But the dance was fun as we all had a jazzy time doing the square dances to Oscar Michaud’s fine calls and music.

Charles Curry is now president of the group and if anyone supports him we may be able to build up the club. He stated his ideas and plans for his tenure of office and they sounded good. His first idea is to improve the meeting to help persuade more people to attend and to go on from there. If he succeeds we may have some successful affairs for a change.

Doris Porter has not joined any women’s organization as yet, but she may have to if she doesn’t get to work earlier. She tells me she’s been getting to work about 9:30 every morning, which is not starting time in her office. So if her company ceases to put up with her lateness maybe she’ll look to the women’s services for a new job. (She didn’t state this latter idea to me, it’s just in reply to your question.) She gave me Frank Pelly’s address which I shall write at the end of this letter.

Also in answer to your query, things are just dandy in Queens, thanks. Joan is as well as ever and I am getting to know that neighborhood and the subways as well as Staten Island. In fact on weekends, I think I spend more time in Queens than I do in Staten Island. Oh, well, what can you do. I’ll let you know when the wedding will be.

There has been no word from the draft board yet and it doesn’t look like there will be for some time to come. The drafters who were supposed to go in April (received notices to report & then were told to forget about it) including Pat O’Connor, will probably be the quota for May. All of them may not go in May because I hear reports that the May quota has been sliced to 40,000. So, I’ll probably be around till June or July. It’s been almost 2 months now since my physical and God only knows how much longer it will be.

In case Mom hasn’t already told you, Eddie Scott has returned. He blew in last week from Florida where he had been since he left California. As far as I have been able to tell, he seems to be the same. I only saw him for a few minutes after Church Sunday, so I couldn’t draw much of a conclusion. He says he’ll be around till he joins up again, in the Army, so I’ll be able to tell if he’s changed any.

The last of the boys has gone. A report has come in that the Army finally accepted Shorty’s enlistment and he is now at Dix. So, with Russ at Sampson, J.R. at Dix (until he returns to Tilden), and Fritz at Devens, I am the only one left. From Cash Reports, Jim Kelly, Denny Cregan, and Bill Conroy are still in Indiana, but where any of them goes next, I don’t know.

Well, Bern, I can’t think of any more to say so I’ll sign off for now. Lots of luck to you.

Your brother,


P.S. here’s Frank Pelly’s address

Pvt. Francis J. Pelly, RA 12362262, Med. Co. 164th Inf. Reg’t, 47th Division, Camp Rucker, Alabama


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