Bernard Travels to Japan and MacArthur is Fired

Dear Bernard

fullsizerender-15I didn’t expect to hear from you until you landed in Japan so we very surprised to get your letter from the Canal Zone & yesterday we got the ones from San Francisco. We were very much more surprised & delighted to get them. One of the Bauer girls boy friend is in the 45th. She heard from him from the Canal Zone this morning. Of course his ship might not have stopped there or they may not have reached there yet.

Today I was out collecting for Catholic Charities & made out pretty good collecting $24.50 & $5.00 I got from Peggy yesterday. I still have a few more to collect from.

Billy Shields had twin girls this morning. Thats all I know about it.

Did you get any of the letters I wrote to you since you went back. I must have wrote as much as four & sent you a bunch of papers. I hope you got some of them.

There is an awful uproar in the country from one end to the other over the president firing McArthur. I guess if it had to be done now it would never have happened. For two days Western Union delivered 125,000 telegrams to the White House or Senate or Congress. 99 per cent were in favor of McArthur or something near there & the letters & messages along with that. They expect the real avalanche to start tomorrow when the mail from the West and midwest come in. Poor Harry never opens his mouth, but he puts his foot in it. This time he put both feet and then some. Everybody blames the English, working through Acheson & other Anglophiles.

I hope your cold is better this time. How did you get it. Was it touch of the flu like we all had.

In regards to this pictures, taken when you were home, I haven’t heard anything about them. When & if I get some, I will send them along in one of my letters.

Peggy & Marky were down they just left. The baby is gone very hardy for the past few weeks. He is getting into everything now. Well now dear Bernie I’ll say so long for this time, will write soon again.




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