A Persnickity Miss Gives Granny Grief

Dear Bernard

The last few days have really felt like Spring the fruit trees & all the other trees are budding out & the grass is getting nice & green.

Yesterday Pop started to make a new trellis for the rambling rose by Howarths fence. He is making it with the old water pipes. First he moved the rose back from the fence to the edge of the flower bed. It will be better there. He also moved the other rose down near the house back from Howarth’s fence to the centre of the bed.

Anne OConnor got married Sunday in our church. I didn’t go to see it as I had to take care of Pat. They took Maureen to the church with them & then took her down to the hall to see the party for a while. Then they came back here & fed Pat & left Maureen here too. Maureen was inside when they went back to the wedding, so when she came out to the kitchen she asked where her daddy & Mammy were. I said they had to go back to the party. She wanted to know why they didn’t take her. I said they had taken her before to see it, but they couldn’t take her then as only grown up people could go. She hemmed & hummed & ask questions & finally came up with “Yeah Mom did. I’m afraid when I grow up there won’t be any more weddings to go to. I said of course there will be lots of weddings. Pat & Judy & Sheila have to get married yet. She said no Pat got married today. I said no she didn’t get married she was only helping Pat get married. She said no, she got married. I said no she didn’t you have to wear white & (she had said Pat was married because she had a lovely pink dress on.)

She said oh yeah well I saw a girl get married and in a pink dress. Finally I think she was convinced that Pat didn’t get married. When Pop came out to supper she kept asking her why daddy & mammy had gone to the party. He told her that they had to go back to feed Anne her supper. She said no they didn’t, Anne can feed herself. He said, she can’t feed herself with that nice gown on. She said oh yes she can. He said no she would mess it up & that daddy & mammy had to feed her so it wouldn’t be messed up. She said she can put an apron on, like I have on. So I said no Maureen an apron wouldn’t look nice over a wedding dress. Well she said I think Anne can feed herself even with a wedding dress on. So I don’t think he convinced her.

After a while she was gettingĀ tired & began to worry as to when her daddy would come. Maybe he would think she gone home & forget to come for her & who would take care of her when she went home. Finally they came so everything was OK. Judy was going to take care of them for the night. Poor Pat was so tired before they came that she would go to get off the floor she would fall & roll over two or three times before she finally got up. But she was as good as gold. Not a complaint out of her. When Maureen would do anything to her she would go to Pat to complain & get sympathy, she wouldn’t come near me much at all. Maureen used to be the same when she was young.

Well dear Bernie I’ll say goodbye for now, with love from us all.



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