Facial Hair, Congowall, and Brothers’ Careers

Dear Bernardfullsizerender-13

We received your letter the other day & were surprised to get it as we didn’t expect to hear from you until you had arrived at your destination. Pop says you will have a nice looking giz with a  goatee & mustache. Tommy says to send pictures when they grew some. Ronnie Engles is home since last week. He has ten days, then he goes to Syracuse University. He hasn’t put any weight on. Looks just the same.

John & Marion were up Thursday & we had put up the congowall. We started at the kitchen door & went around to the stove & beyond the stove & the piece behind the dining room door. We just have the wall next to the alley & behind the frigidaire to do now. Of course I don’t know when that will get done. Frank gave the ceiling of the front bedroom another coat of paint yesterday. It will still need another.

Michael took the Lieutenant’s test a week ago Saturday but he doesn’t know whether or not he made it. He sys he just passed or just failed.

Eddie has accepted the job with RCA although they didn’t offer him as much as GE or Westinghouse. Westinghouse sent him a telegram a week or two ago upping their offer from $285 to $300 with a $25 a month every month raise after 6 months. But he says he wants to work with electronics & he has a better chance of that with RCA.

Mike Burchir was fitting up the fence in the back behind the lilac’s yesterday, taking off the old boards & putting in new ones. Uncle Tom goes out a little now. Last Sunday he went out in the back yard but since he has been going out on the porches as it is hard to get him out to the yard. He is still very weak nearly feeble & his mind isn’t clear. He forgets things & gets mixed up. Well now dear Bernie I think I have covered everything pretty well so I will say goodbye for now. Love from us all.



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