Of Portraits and Weddings and Deaths

Dear Bernardfullsizerender-11

We are all fine thank God. I went down to Tristans yesterday to see about your pictures. She gave me quite a sales talk trying to talk me into taking the colored one, however she didn’t succeed. I took the regular one and three wallet size so have to pay two dollars more. When I get them I’ll send you one. Anne OConnor is getting married next Sunday in our church. I guess I will have Maureen & Pat for a while that evening. They will take Maureen to the church but not Pat but they will leave Pat & Maureen here when they go to the reception. After the reception Judy will take them home & put them to bed. The recept reception is being held in Columbia Hall.

Peggy & Marky sold the car last Saturday, getting $200 for it. Charlie Winants (Anne OConnor’s Charlie) brother in law brought it, he lives up on Oakland Ave. Tommys Barry’s father died suddenly the other day & was buried today. It seems he hasn’t been feeling well lately was operated on for appendix & after that he was operated on for double hernia. He was only 45 or 46 years old. John says he was going to retire he had 25 years in. He was going to get a typist job. Paying about $80 a week or at least he was going to see about it.

I went up today to see Tony’s baby. He is really a lovely baby & they have a very nice house & in good shape. John is supposed to come up tomorrow to help me put the Congowall in the kitchen.

One of the Bauer girls (George’s daughter) boy friend is in the 45th too. He left last week too for New Orleans.

Uncle Tom went out to the backyard for a few minutes Sunday. Pop & Helen helped him out & in again but he has not been able to go out since the weather has been wet & damp & of course that is no good for him.

Well dear Bernie I have no more news so I will say good bye for now, with love from us all.



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