Pvt. McLaughlin Defiles a Noble Name

Dear Boinie,fullsizerender-10

How’s the Army? That’s a stupid question because I know the answer. Well they finally got me in on March 5. I’m doing basic in an Inf. Co. in a Regimental Combat Team. This is one tough outfit. Grrr-. At least 50% of the Company is from S.I. I guess you know what kind of an outfit it is now. Maybe you know some of them – Vin Meli – Henry Melafchik – Neil Mazzukki – George Dickman – Charlie Falkner & quite a few others.

I hear that the old D.J.R. is the only male left in the Mail Dept. Joe Jr. comes in part time & Don Trash has moved up to the order room. Joe Delfino has left for greener pastures. Poor P.E.H. when he asks Don for a quote. You can imagine what will happen with Perry shouting and Don humming.

Don’t worry about Snooky getting to work without us dragging her. I got her a pair of roller-skates before I left – no fooling! Yukon has left for the Navy but before he left he was making eyes at one of the new girls from S.I.

We go out on the range tomorrow to fire our M-1’s. Come to think of it, when I was being classified I told them of my 3 1/2 years at M.L. & Co. & they put me in the Inf. Wait till H.S.M. hears of this.

I got to get up at 0400 so I’ll sign off or now. Keep it tough Digger & I’ll let you know how I make out.

So Long,



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