Greetings on Easter Monday

Dear Bernard

fullsizerender-9The last couple of days have been rather cold, there was quite a little ice out yesterday & not many people wore Easter suits. I guess they wore their bonnets alright but furs were more in evidence than light clothes.

Elizabeth, Charlie, the children, Joe OConnor & myself took a walk ride down to South Beach to the boardwalk, but there weren’t many there, & it was pretty cold. Frank told me yesterday, there was no parade because Easter came too early, he said it was in the Advance last week.

I wrote to Marie in California, telling her that you might be out to see the. If you do go, you should bring a nice box of candy to kids or some such thing.

Eddie has decided to sell his jalopy & has put an ad in the paper. What the idea is I don’t know but he’ll probably buy another. When & if he sells this he expects to get about $15 for it, but whether he will or not remains to be seen. Frankie may not go as soon as he expected as they have cut to quota from 80,000 a month to 40,000 so at that rate he shouldn’t go for a while but of course you never can tell. He might be one of the first to be called I hope not though. J.R. Byrnes is out in Tilden. He will for a few more weeks & then will go to Dix or two weeks or so & then go back to Tilden for 14 weeks.

Well dear Bernard I say good bye for now with best love from us all with lots from myself.



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