Fr. Shevlin Checks In

The good Father sends his greetings and issues a charge to heal souls as well as bodies.

Dear Bernie,fullsizerender-7

I don’t have much to say except hello and I do hope that salutation is in order. I’ve been somewhat of a “heel” in not writing before this but I’m sure you will agree with me when I say “better late than never”

As I said there’s not much to tell you. You were present at one of the St. Thomas More Club’s meetings and if I’m not mistaken that was our last meeting. One thing, though, that we can talk about is the members visit to Mount Loretto. The fellows and girls really enjoyed themselves. I confess what I have to say I’ve heard from the others but they are good enough to “fill” me in on the details. It seems that the big discussion about what-to-do when they got out there was a complete waste of time. The kids caught on immediately and the Club members acted, as they said, as if they were “just along for the ride”. About the only thing that they had planned on that came off was the reading of the story on the Epiphany by Jim Blessin. Other than that, though, there was little else done — they didn’t have to. They just joined in on the fun the kids at the Home did the rest. The Thomas More crowd made quite a hit. They’ve all been invited back soon again. The next time they go I’m going to be sure I tag along. I won’t be left out next time on the fun.

As far as parish activities are concerned everything’s working out according to its usual schedule. Nothing different, that is.

My brother phoned home last evening to tell my parents that he has gotten a permanent assignment in the hospital at Fort Bragg to do psychiatric therapy. I mentioned to you once before, I think, that he was working in this field before entering service and for once the Army is doing all right by him. He told my folks that he begins work today. I am glad that his talents are not being wasted in the Army. His outlook, I’m sure, in the future shall be more pleasant. As far as getting a commission he fails to make any mention. As long as he seems to be satisfied though it doesn’t mean too much.

I am going to enclose a letter of a chaplain friend of mind to read to the fellows in camp especially those fellows who are Catholic in name only. It may help to straighten their viewpoint out concerning their spiritual status. This letter by the way was written to a priest-teacher of his and was published in the “Labor Leader” — a publication of the Association of Catholic Trade Unionists here in New York. The teacher has a column in the paper in which column he letter appeared.

I’m going to say good-bye for a while. I’ll be praying for you and the intentions of Our Lady of Fatima.

God bless you

Father Shevlin

Enclosure: frkevinkeaney



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