Merry Christmas from Cortlandt St

Dear Bernie:fullsizerender-2

Well as the old saying goes “better late than never.” I meant to write long ago but as you know I didn’t.

Mom said I was foolish to write now since you’re supposed to be home for Christmas. But the letter will still be there even if you get here before it reaches you. I hope you do get home because we may not all be together for a while again, since Frankie will undoubtedly be leaving soon.

Well Bernie, how do you like Army life? Or is that a foolish question? I understand you have a racket though, but you don’t like it (madman aren’t you?).
Today I did my first Chris. shopping. We went to the Ave. tonight and bought some toys for the kids, but I still have about 15 more presents to buy.

We’re all fine here, outside of Uncle Tom & Uncle Mike as you probably know Uncle Mike was in the hospital with arthritis, getting injections. I don’t think they did him much good, because he felt fine for a while after he came home but he’s not feeling too well now. Uncle Tom as you also must know is in the hospital now. He first had pneumonia and came home only to take a heart attack and go back.

However, he’s coming along fine now, and Helen said she expects him home the end of the week. Of course, he’ll need a lot of rest, because he’s still very weak.

Little Mark is getting quite big every day. He’s walking all over the place now. Patty of course isn’t walking alone yet, but she’ll walk if we take her hands. Our kitchen project is still going now since September and at the rate it is going won’t be finished for a couple of more months. It’s like a W.P.A. project. But Charlie says if he finishes this, I’ll find more work for him to do, so he’s taking his time.

Mom’s bath-room is finished, or was it finished before you left? Frankie started to paint the living room & dining room ceilings, but I don’t think he got too far, since he’s been ¬†working over-time. But I guess he’ll have them finished for Christmas.fullsizerender

Well Bernie, I just finished writing my Christmas cards before I started this letter and since it is now 20 minutes to 12 (Midnight), I think I’ll say so long for now. See you soon, I hope.

Love, Libbie, Charlie, Maureen & Patty


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